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Do you need a document Notarized?

 Type of documents

that you may need to Notarize

Certify True Copies

Power of Attorneys

Confirmation of Life and Residence, 

Consent to Travel, 

Letter of Invitation, 

Permanent Residence Application, 


Statutory Declarations, Certification of Applicant's Photo, 

E-Document Certification, 

Notarizing a Will & Passport Application

What you need to bring with you

When coming to get a document or true copy notarized you will need to bring the following things;

1. Government Id

Government Issued Photo Id (passport, Driver's License, Citizenship Card) 

2. ALL true copies/ original documents.

3. Please ensure all parties included are present when signing with a notary.

Who needs to attend

Named parties on documentation requiring a notary will need to be in attendance.

Cost for Notary

$20.00 for the first document.

$10.00 for each additional document thereafter.

Reserve a spot by email:


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Contact Pillay Law today to reserve an appointment to discuss your Legal needs.

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